Artisanal distillery located in Ribeauvillé

Timothée and Nathalie Traber welcome you to their cellar to introduce you to their full range of eaux-de-vie and exceptional liqueurs.

When passion becomes an art

Jean Paul Metté always said “the best things distilled are made with heart and soul. Otherwise, it’s not even worth it ”.

Eaux de Vie of great finesse

Know-how and the secrets of distillation to produce an eau-de-vie of exceptional finesse.

In this small distillery, everything is felt, touched, finesse. The selection, handling and distillation of dozens of fruits, berries and plants sublimated in small 100-liter stills, cleaned by hand to remove any impurity that would interfere with the expression of the distillate: every detail is taken care of.


In his early thirties, Timothée Traber took over the famous Ribeauvillé distillery and continues to imagine new aromas.

Le Figaro

The gold of Alsatian brandy: this is what Metté always offers ... At Metté, quality remains more than ever at the rendezvous.

Gilles Pudlowski

In the secret of the rue des tanneurs, Nathalie and Philippe Traber, with constantly renewed enthusiasm, shape subtly distilled moments of pleasure which enthusiasts have never ceased to be enthusiastic about.

Inside Spirits