The history of the Metté distillery merges with that of successive transmissions. Of those that are chosen not by the blood but by the heart.

For more than 60 years, the Metté distillery has been resolutely committed to a quality approach.

Jean Paul Metté

Our History


After discovering the trade of distiller with a neighbor, Jean Paul Metté decided to create his own distillery in the 60s. Passionate about copper, fire and fruits, his motivation from the start was to produce quality Eaux de Vie to find themselves very quickly on the big tables.


Faithful to the tradition of artisan distiller, he quickly completed his range of products traditional products like the Mirabelle plum and also the Marc d’Alsace de Gewurztraminer with the creation of more atypical products such as Wild Raspberry or Strawberry Wood.


Since 1985, Jean-Paul METTE has carefully initiated the arts of the still, his godson Philippe TRABER, revealing to him the know-how and its greatest success. It is with the same passion and the same motivation that Philippe took very quickly the orders of the distillation while respecting the processes of distillation and the education received.


In 1998, Jean-Paul METTE retired from the distillery. Philippe and Nathalie, his wife, together take over the reins of the distillery.

Philippe Traber - Distillerie Metté
Timothée et Nathalie Traber


The store has been renovated to accommodate in the best conditions the lover of Eaux de Vie passing through Ribeauvillé. Likewise, new installations at the level of the stills have been carried out to respect the new regulations. The winery has been enlarged for storage conditions


Timothée, their son, after completing his studies (CESEM at Reims Management School – Franco-Chinese option – 2 years in Reims – 3 years at the University of Beijing) moved to Hong Kong. He therefore helps his mother to take care of the export part, mainly Asia.


After the sudden death of Philippe, Timothée decides to return to France. The story of this beautiful distillery whose reputation crosses all borders could not not stop. It is quite naturally that Timothée takes the direction, seconded by his mother Nathalie.

Timothée Traber - Distillerie Metté

It is to the respect of the most noble distillation processes that our Eaux de vie owe their quality.

Today, we are proud to present no less than 88 brandies and 32 quality liqueurs.