The best way to enjoy an Eau-de-Vie ?

The ideal glass for Eau-de-Vie is a stemmed glass with a “small” opening and a reasonable volume to release the aromas. A good example of a glass is an INAO tasting glass. (see photo)

How to taste ?

First smell with the nose over the top of the glass being careful not to put your nose into the glass. You can reveal further aromas by gently turning the glass as you smell; let the Eau-de-Vie settle then smell again for a full appreciation. Finally taste, allowing the Eau-de-Vie to coat the tongue and palate.

Should the Eau-de-Vie be served chilled ?

The best temperature is around 15°. This allow the Eau-de-Vie to express all of its aromas and finesse. For those who wish to taste Eau-de-Vie a little cooler, we recommend that the glasses are kept in the fridge or freezer before using.

When is the best time to taste Eau-de-Vie ?

An Eau-de-Vie is normally enjoyed after a meal (Digestif) as it aids the digestion process, however it can also be enjoyed before a meal (Apéritif), in a delicious cocktail or can be used for cooking and preparing pastries.